CELPIP is the most recognized official and authoritative language test for the purpose of immigration and citizenship in Canada. The test mainly focuses on English language applications in daily life and the test is designed in the context of Canadian culture. CELPIP is relatively easy and less time-consuming to prepare in comparison with IELTS General, therefore it is becoming a more and more popular option for many immigration applicants nowadays.

There are two types of CELPIP exam: CELPIP General and GELPIP LS. The “General” type is for Canadian immigration applications and real estate broker licensing. The test consists of four parts in the sequence of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

CELPIP LS is specifically designed to apply for Canadian citizenship, and the test only has listening and speaking two parts.

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CELPIP is a computer-based exam and all the listening and reading questions are multiple choice questions. Since the test content is closely related to daily life, the requirements for vocabulary and grammar are relatively easy, and in the writing part, the automatic spelling correction function on computer becomes a great advantage for many candidates. Because the entire CELPIP exam is conducted on computers, test results are delivered within 8-12 business days, which is much faster than IELTS.

Teaching Team:

With more than 10 years of English teaching experience, our teachers all have experience of teaching at major English education institutions in China. At Canadian Central College, we offer a wide range of English exam preparation courses, covering IELTS, CELPIP and English provincial exams etc.

Course contents emphasis on the key points of the exams and teachers give personal advice to each student according to their individual strength and weakness. All our students are able to successfully achieve their desired scores in no matter IELTS or CELPIP tests after training with us. ESL students can jump a couple of levels and complete ESL courses much more quickly.


Beginner CELPIP preparation class. Suitable for candidates with limited English skills, who normally score 5 or less in CELPIP exam.

Course Features:

  • Through introduction of CELPIP exam format and different question types;
  • Vocabulary building sessions covering exam tested vocabulary range;
  • Grammar reviews to build solid foundation for understanding exam materials;
  • Authentic exam question tutorial sessions with experienced teachers.

CELPIP Advanced

Suitable for candidates with moderate English skills, or score 6 or above in previous CELPIP exams. Course is designed to help candidates boost their current scores to receive additional points for immigration purposes.

Course Features:

  • Explanations of essential exam taking strategies;
  • Identify students’ exam taking mistakes and provide corresponding solutions;
  • Essay correction sessions with experienced teachers;
  • Practice speaking questions with native English speakers;
  • 5+ mock exams to mimic real exam environment.


Specifically for candidates attending Canadian Citizenship exam. Emphasis only on the Listening and Speaking part of CELPIP.

Course Features:

  • Familiarize with common listening topics and learn to identify speakers’ intention and main ideas;
  • Develop strategies to grasp information comprehensively after listening to the script only once;
  • Learn to brainstorm ideas and structure response to speaking exam questions;
  • Intensive practice opportunities with native English speakers to correct grammar and pronunciation.