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Rule the street racing Underground as you race in the first Need for Speed made just for mobile! Conquer the asphalt of Blackridge city, engage your nitro, and tune your cars — from the game developer that brought you Real Racing 3!
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If you are also a fan of the need for speed games, then here is good news for you that developers in need of speed have just launched the latest series of which there are no limits. Need for speed no limits is a very trending game in the world right now because it has millions of active players who are enjoying this game. This game has won several awards which is why this game is on top in the racing category.

Need for speed no limits has best ratings and millions of positive reviews by their players. In this game you will see many top of the line cars which you can use in this game to race against your opponents. You can play this game with your friends and with real players around the world because this game has so many awesome features so you will never get bored of it. It has wonderful racing tracks with extreme conditions where you have to drive your car.

Need for speed no limits developers have made this game fully optimized but still it is a heavy game which requires a good updated smart device. Fulfill all the requirements to get lag free experience from this game. In this game you will see an improved user interface which is very easy to understand because everything is now easy to navigate in this game.

So let’s talk about the other things that Need for Speed No Limits has in the box. There is a long list so buckle your belts and get ready for a speedy yet adventurous journey.

What is the Need for Speed No Limits APK?

Need for speed no limits game comes in standard version which is launched by electronic arts developers. This version is easily available everywhere on the internet and the best thing is that it is free to download. That means you need money to get this game on your mobile device.

There are many features in this standard version which you will get for free but it also has some premium features which are paid. If you want premium cars in this version, then you have to purchase them with your real money. You also have to wait to unlock new items like maps, tacks, cars and opponents in this standard version.

What is the Need for Speed No li Limits Mod APK?

This need for speed no limits game has a modified version which is also known as a cracked version. In this version you don’t need real money to purchase premium cars because you will get them for free. Yes! mod version gives everything for free including premium features and cars.

So you can use all your favorite cars in this version without any wait or spending money on them. There will be no ads in this game so you can race with full focus because no video or popup ads will disturb you. All maps and racing tracks will be completely unlocked and available. 

Realistic Graphics

Need for speed no limits is one of those games which provides the best gaming graphics. That’s why it has 3D high resolution graphics which makes this game awesome because it gives a realistic view while playing it.

You will also see many extreme visual effects in this game while racing that makes this game more enjoyable and entertaining. Sound effects are crazy and maintain the interest level of players. Everything in this game has full high detailing with bright colors and sometimes it feels like you are in a movie and you are controlling everything.

Awesome Storyline

Need for speed no limits game has a very amazing storyline which makes this game super exciting because you will see many pro players in the story. You have to face them all one by one in order to complete your story.

You will get multiple challenges in your career mode which you have to accept otherwise you won’t be able to win against your opponents. This game needs good driving skills so make sure to practice enough before accepting the challenges.

Multiplayer Online Mode

This is an epic feature of need for speed no limits game because you don’t need this game with artificial intelligence all the time. In this game you will get this feature where you can play this game with your friends and family by sending them friendly challenges.

Developers also send frequent updates to add more data like events and tournaments which you can play online with real players worldwide. This game has the world’s best players in multiplayer mode so you should have good skills before entering in online multiplayer mode.

Best Sports Cars

Need for speed no limits also known by its awesome cars. In this game you will see many cars like BMW, Ferrier, Bentley, Nissan, Volkswagen golf GTI, Porches, Ford mustang GT, Jaguar, Mercedes, Hot wheels and many other different categories of cars available in this game.

You will only get some cars in the start and the rest of the cars will be locked and you have unlocked them by participating in different missions and challenges. Try to win different events and missions and exciting rewards like cars, nitro, upgrades and customization. You can create your own collection of cars in this game.

Multiple Racing Tracks

In this game you will see many extreme racing tracks which have to race with your opponents. Need for speed no limits game has huge maps where you will get different locations to race against night drivers. It has city tracks, mountains, forest tracks, highways and many different tracks where you can drive your car.

Every single track in this game is difficult to play and you have to be very conscious because there will be many hurdles and obstacles in every track. You can also choose any track to challenge your friends to play with them. 


This is the most interesting feature of need for speed no limits game because it helps you to update your car according to your requirement. In this game you will get the world’s best upgrade items which you can use in these cars.

You can upgrade speed, engine, power, nitro, handling and many other things to get best performance from your car during the race. In this game many other players will have super upgraded cars so you also have to maintain your car for coming challenges.

Nitro Supplies

This is a very cool feature because it provides the instant speed to your car that’s why need for speed no limits have nitro for their player which they can use to boost their speed. You can also increase the time duration of nitro by upgrading it.

You will get nitro supplies in tracks while racing with your opponents or you can generate it by drifting your car on road. But carefully use your nitro because sometimes you need quick speed to be on top that’s why save your nitro for the end.

Events and Tournaments

You will get new events and tournaments every week in this game. You can easily participate in these events to get more amazing rewards like money, cars, customization parts and many other items. These tournaments also help you to impress your driving skills in extreme conditions because players participate from all over the world.

That’s how you can increase your gaming level to make your position stronger in this game. If you think that you have enough skills, then enter yourself in these events and tournaments to become a pro player.

Car Customization

Car customization is also very useful in need for speed no limits game because it gives the player the right to change everything in his car according to the choice. In this game you will get a lot of items for customization like body kits, super paints, wheels, stickers, hoods, lights, spoilers and many other items which you can customize to make your car unique. You have to unlock many items first then you will be able to use them for customization purposes. So create different ideas and customize your car to impress your friends.

Unlimited Money

In the standard version of the need for speed no limits game you have to work very hard to get money that you can use for customization and upgradation. That’s why the mod version of this game is giving you unlimited money for free. You don’t have to earn money while having this game in the mod version because this version provides their users free money. You can use money on cars, customization and upgrades without any problem because this unlimited money will never run out.

Entire Car Collection Unlocked

As mentioned above, the need for speed no limits has so many cars but many of them are paid or locked that mean you have to purchase them or unlock them in order to use them. But having this game in mod version you don’t need to spend your money on anything because this version will give you all cars of every category which you can use without any restriction. All cars will be unlocked so you can choose any car to race because the mod version gives full access over everything in this game. 

Unlimited Nitro

This is a crazy feature of the mod version because in the standard version of need for speed no limits you have to collect nitro from a racing track or you have to drift your car to make it. But now you will get unlimited nitro in this game which will never run out so you are free to use as much as you want.

You don’t have to collect nitro from the track because in the mod version of this game you will get nitro unlimited so now you will never lose any race because you are free to boost your car as long as you want.

Fully Unlocked Features

Need for speed no limits is a big game because it has a complete storyline, different challenges, missions, events, cars, racings tracks and more. That’s why you will see many things locked in the standard version.

To unlock these things, you need to work hard but in the mod version you don’t have to wait for anything. You can use any car because all cars will be unlocked and you can join any event without waiting because everything in the mod version will be unlocked. You can play games from anywhere without any restrictions.

No Damages Occur

If you hid with anything in the standard version, then you will see serious car damage and after damage you have to start again from zero. In the mod version you will get damage because this version doesn’t contain this feature which means you will see your car in damage condition.

Now in this version you are free to drive according to your skills because you don’t have to be careful. If your car gets hit, then don’t worry because in the mod version you will never destroy it. 


  • High resolution 3D graphics
  • Interesting storyline
  • Different cars to play
  • Huge map with multiple racing tracks
  • Easy to play game
  • Well optimized
  • Great user interface
  • Multiple tournaments and events
  • Upgradation
  • Customization
  • Challenge the world in multiplayer mode


  • Need high end mobile device
  • Standard version has paid features


Need for speed no limits is a complete fun package with awesome features. You will never get bored from this game because you can share this game with your friends. This game is very realistic which is why it has millions of fans worldwide. Need for speed no limits is a highly recommended game by their players.

So if you also want an extreme racing game then the need for speed no limits game is the best option. You can download this game from our website by clicking the download button. Play this awesome game and tell us about your experience in the comment box.


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- Win the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 1973 by playing the return of Fastlane!
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