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Are you confused about photo editors for your smart phone and downloading different apps because of different editing tools, then Adobe Photoshop Express is for you in which you can find all features in one app.Adobe Photoshop Express is a professional editor which is used worldwide. You can see it appearing on many platforms. Back then it was only available on P.C or laptops but as you all know that it’s the era of mobile phones. People do most of the work on their mobile phones because it makes our work easier.

So they also launched their mobile version which is available on google play store. Adobe photoshop express is instinctive enough for the beginners. They also give you tutorials from which you can easily learn how to edit.It has several modern features as compared to other apps. It is an application in which you can find basic to advanced tools that will help you in enhancing your pictures. Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to see some of their factors related to the quality of the application.You can put your mind’s creativity in your picture with the help of Adobe photoshop express easily. Adobe photoshop express has also the feature to share your pictures directly on social media platforms.

What is Adobe Photoshop Express APK?

Adobe photoshop express APK is an editing app which is on google play store for free. You can edit your selected photos from it. You can literally use Adobe photoshop express in doing various tasks. Feel free to download this app and edit your photos. You can do many things from this app.

What is Adobe Photoshop Express Mod APK?

Adobe Photoshop Express is a cracked version of this app. As we all know that a free app comes with some premium features in it like cloud storage, fast integration and many more advanced tools if you need to use them than this Mod version is for you. You don’t need to pay any amount for a subscription to use premium features; you can easily use those features in the Mod version like unlimited storage, filters and many more features.


Adobe photoshop express gives the option to reduce spots and blemishes from your selfies and portraits so you can look beautiful.


In photo editing basic adjustments are so important. Every photo needs some basic editing like adjusting brightness level, hue, contrast. Highlights and many more.In this feature of Adobe photoshop express you can easily adjust your photos in detail with the adjustments feature. This is the main thing in editing. If you know how to adjust your picture like a pro then you can do anything.


In this feature you can add some cool lights and dust effects on your pictures to give them an aesthetic look. You can add as many effects as you want to add. Enjoy this feature freely.


Adobe photoshop express has the feature in which you can make professional collages with your photos. You choose ready to use photo grids of your choice. You can even choose the colors and borders according to your design.

Ratio and Quality

In Adobe Photoshop Express you don’t need to worry about some features, especially about ratio and quality of the pictures. In the application you will see an option from which you can adjust the quality and file type suitable for exporting the image.Adobe photoshop express allows you to choose the ratio of the picture by the option of crop. You can easily crop your pictures according to your ratio size. Every ratio corresponds to different social media platforms.

Stickers and Text

Adobe photoshop express offers you to add text on the pictures which can add effective and powerful elements to your photos. You can add quotes, poetry and many more in the text that will give an aesthetic look to your photo.You can also add stickers in it with borders, frames and many items. You can even create your own stickers in the Adobe photoshop express.

Removes Unwanted Noise

In this feature of the mod version  you can remove your unwanted noise from original pictures. You can also remove the color noises and sharpen your details to make your pictures look best.


Blur has always been an unavoidable factor. It will appear when the photographer moves the phone or camera a little bit. There is no need to be stressed about it because in Adobe Photoshop Express Mod APK you can get rid of this problem by removing the blur in the picture.And if you want to add some aesthetic look in your photos then you can also blur your photos with the blur option. You can use any blur like motion blur, radical blur etc for free in this mod version easily because all modes are unlocked in this version for free of cost.

Themes, Filters and Effects Unlocked

If you want to improve the look of your picture then this app has some cool custom made filters for you which can make your picture look more beautiful. You can use many effects and themes for free in this Mod version you will have all filters, themes and effects available without any subscription.

Erase the Subject

There are times when pictures have some unwanted background and for this reason we can’t post pictures on our social media platforms. In this Mod version you can easily get rid of this. In the Adobe Photoshop express Mod APK version you can remove any subject you want to or you think that this object is ruining your picture.

Color Correction

In this option of Adobe Photoshop Express Mod APK you can do the color editing. You can adjust each and every color by this option. Every feature comes with a slider therefore you can adjust the level according to your desires to make your picture perfect. Feel free to use these features.

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Adobe photoshop express has its own storage which provides you unlimited storage but this feature is only for their premium members. In the mod feature you can get unlimited storage from Adobe photoshop express for free. Yes you don’t have to pay for this.


 A professional editor always needs a good editor and if you are looking for it then the Adobe Photoshop Express is the best application for you. You can get every professional feature in one app. There will be no need to download any other app if you will use this one and if you use Mod version so you can use all the premium features for free without any Adobe ID. 

According to me this app is the best option for everyone who is looking for a good professional editor.

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