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AVG Cleaner is cleaning tool that has let nearly 50 million people worldwide clean their devices.
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If your mobile phone is working slow and often lags, then you probably need an app which can help you to boost up your mobile speed. AVG cleaner is an app which has great features that can clear your device from junk files and cache memory. This is the app which clears mobile ram and gives speed to your device so you can easily work without any lagging. Millions of people around the world are using this application that’s why it has top ratings and reviews by their users.

With just one click you can clear your memory, junk files and other useless cache from your device. Avg app can help you to optimize your device so you will never face low speed again. It is a complete smart device manager which is why after installing this app you will never speed issues anymore.

It saves your memory from useless application data and cache that’s why you can store more in your device memory. Avg cleaner app automatically detects unwanted photos, videos and shows you so you can easily delete them with just one click. This cleaner app gives your device 100% speed while having many active apps. Avg cleaner app has multiple useful features that’s why it has millions of users.

What is AVG cleaner APK?

Avg cleaner APK means its regular version which is available all over the internet. This version is completely free to download. There are some paid features in the Avg cleaner app so you cannot use them without paying. But still many features in this regular version are free to use and you can set them according to your choice. This is a very powerful cleaner which improves your device performance. All you need to do is tap on the boost button so you can easily clean your ram.

What is AVG cleaner Mod APK?

Avg cleaner has a mod version which is also known as a cracked version. This version has some features and specialties that you will never get in the regular version of this cleaner app. In the cracked version of Avg cleaner you don’t need to buy their premium tools because this version offers you all these items for free. You can use all premium tools of the Avg cleaner app without giving them money. Everything in the mod version is completely free to use, that’s why many people always search for the mod version.

Memory booster

Avg cleaner is the best app for memory booster because it has a powerful feature which stops background applications to save memory. You can easily clear your ram to get high speed from it. This app gives your device a widget which you can set on your screen so you don’t need to open the application to clear ram. Just click on the quick clean button so it will free your space and memory from junk.

Enhance Performance

This is a very important feature for your mobile device because nowadays we need lots of applications. That’s why the device dropped its performance. Avg cleaner has this great option which you can use to improve performance of your device. Use cleaner to remove junk, cache of different applications and ram memory. This unique app also identifies the app which slows down your device so you can stop them with just one tap.

Improve Battery life

Battery life matters a lot especially when you have to work on your mobile device. That’s why Avg cleaner has this amazing feature which helps your device to save battery from extra use. Most background applications drain battery which is why this app automatically stops those apps which saves your battery. You just have to enable the battery saving mode in this app to give new life to your battery.

Junk Cleaner

Because of many applications our mobile device works slow and it is caused by junk files. Avg app is best for junk cleaner that’s why it is trusted by millions of people. You can easily clean your mobile storage from junk files because this app targets useless junk from your device. With just one click you can get rid of junk. You can easily enhance the performance of your device by cleaning it from the roots with Avg cleaner application.

Add widget on screen

Avg cleaner application gives you this amazing feature so you don’t need to open the app every time to clean your device. This awesome application gives a widget which you can set anywhere on your mobile screen. So you can easily use the app without opening it completely. On that widget you will get a quick clean and boost option which you can use with just one click.

App Overview

This is a very unique feature because it saves your time to go and check every single app. That’s why Avg app introduced this app overview feature where you can check all your apps at one place. This cleaner app gives you a complete report about all applications where you can check usage, draining apps analysis, app size and notification. You clean all your apps from useless junk with a quick app booster. That’s why this feature is very useful and helps you to take all your apps at once.

Free premium features

The Mod version of Avg cleaner gives you this incredible feature where you don’t need to spend your money to buy premium features. In the mod version of this app you can easily use the premium features of this application. You just have to click on those items to get them. You can use all these features of the Avg app whenever you want.

No restrictions

If you want a free app then you have to download the mod version of Avg cleaner because there are no limitations in this version. Also you get all premium features and pro items only in the mod version. Get this version from our website and enjoy this useful app without restrictions.


Cleans junk
Speed up mobile device
Improve battery health
Media overview
Complete report of all apps


Contain ads
You have to pay for the premium items


No doubt Avg cleaner is the best application to give speed to your device because it has the ability to clean your ram and memory from useless apps. You can easily boost up your speed with just one single click. This app also helps you to improve your battery life so you will get more time. This app stops unwanted background applications to save battery from draining.

That’s why it is very hard to find all these powerful features on another cleaner application. Avg cleaner is recommended by thousands of people. So if you also want this strong cleaner then download it from our website. Share your experience about this app with the world in the comment box.

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