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Create your very own Barbie DreamHouse experience! Join us for a bunch of fun activities: baking, cooking, dancing, makeovers, home design, fashion, nail salon, hair salon, mini games, epic pool parties and other fun girl games! Explore Malibu with my pink convertible or dress me and my friends up in fashion-forward looks to get picture ready!
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Girls are very fond of playing with Barbie dolls. They love to make hairstyles, dress up, make-up and many other things. There is a house for Barbie dolls. They love to maintain it. There is a lot of fun related to dolls. As dolls are a very favorite toy for girls, there are many games for girls related to Barbie dolls that are present on the Google play store.

These games include dressing up your doll, giving them a percent Makeover and many others. There are also some games which include a complete house of Barbie. It not only includes a salon or make-up studio but also different things like kitchen, rooms, pools and many others that show the overall house and activities of a doll.

Among such games that include the complete dream house and its activities, Barbie Dream House Adventures APK is the best game of this type. This game includes everything that is related to a doll’s house. This includes different rooms, kitchen, swimming pools, make-up room, dressing up and many other features.

So if you want to play everything in a doll’s dream house then download Barbie DreamHouse Adventures APK. This game is surely a perfect game for girls. You will love to play it. So download it now and have fun. This has 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store.

What is Barbie Dream House Adventures APK?

Barbie Dream House Adventures APK is a game related to the dream house of a doll. This dream house includes everything that is present in the dollhouse. There are rooms, kitchens, make-up studios, cooking, baking and many other things. You can give a perfect make-over to your doll. You can also decorate your doll’s room according to your taste. This game has many features and includes many fun activities. So if you are looking for a complete and perfect game to play related to Barbie’s Dream House then Barbie Dream House Adventures APK is the best game that you can play.

What is Barbie Dream House Adventures Mod APK?

This mod version of Barbie Dream House Adventures includes unlimited and unlocked features for ultimate fun and more entertainment. This version has different clothes, makeups, decoration accessories and many other features unlocked. You can use anything without completing missions and levels first. You can use them in your first mission or level. Thus, this version provides you many new and additional features which increases the interest of players to play this game. You can download this mod version through Google APK.

Many Different Activities

This game includes a variety of different features and activities that you can do. You can decorate your Barbie’s Dreamhouse. You can decorate her room with different things. Moreover, there is also a kitchen in which you can cook, bake and make different things. There is also a make-up studio having different make-up and dressing material. So this is a complete game having different features or activities to do. You will absolutely love playing this game.

Easy and Simple

This game has many activities yet this game is very easy and simple. You can play easily with the given options. You just have to select your favorite things to complete the given activity. There are no difficult controls.

Amazing Graphics

This game has amazing graphics. This has a colorful house in which different pretty good rooms, and other corners are present. There are charming colors and bright graphics. Everything is interesting and players love to explore different things.

Sound Quality

The sound quality and music of this game are really fun to enjoy. This makes it interesting to play.

Decorate the Dream House

Everyone wants to decorate their room so are the Barbies. This game offers you a complete house including different rooms, kitchens, pools and lounge. You can decorate them according to your taste and make the most beautiful dream house for a barbie.

Make-Over Studio

In this makeup studio, you can give a perfect look to your Barbie doll by making beautiful hairstyles, doing pretty nail arts, and selecting perfect dresses for them. You give a completely beautiful look to them from head to toe. This make-up studio contains different makeup accessories like nail polishes, make-up, lip colors and others. Also there is a clothing corner too for beautiful dresses.

Kitchen for your Barbie Doll

This game also has a kitchen. In this kitchen, you can help your Barbie doll to make different things for eating. You can cook different things as well as do baking. You can buy different eating items and cooking ingredients with your coins to cook delicious food.


You can also select different things and clothes for your Barbie by shopping. You will love to do shopping. There are different sofas, paintings, Curtains and many other things that are present in a house. You will buy them with your coins.

Amazing Nail Art

You can prepare amazing nails for your Barbie. You do different nail arts for your Barbie with the help of different nail paints. There is a pretty cool nail art studio in this game.

Parties and Pools

There are different parties that your Barbie can enjoy. You give her make-over for her party. You can click different pictures with friends. Also there is a swimming pool in this house. You can do a pool party too.

Unlocked Features

This version has unlocked features. This includes all the different accessories that are required to decorate your room, kitchen, and other studios. So if you want to play and use any feature of this game without giving permissions or subscriptions then you can download this mod version to enjoy unlimited and unlocked features without being blocked and hacked.

Unlimited Coins

You will get unlimited coins in this mod version. With these coins you can get help through different helpers. You can also buy different makeup accessories for your Barbie and many other house decorating things.


This version provides you unlimited and unlocked features without being blocked and there is no risk and threat. You can play and collect your different collections and achievements.

Free to Download

This version is free to download through Google APK. All the unlimited and unlocked features are free without any permission or any purchase.


If you want to play a perfect Barbie Dream House game then Barbie Dream House Adventures APK is the perfect option to play. This game has many features which are related to Barbie dolls. Every aspect of life is present in this game. To have double fun, download the mod version to get unlocked features without paying or spending money. So download it now and have a real experience of decorating and maintaining the Dreamhouse.


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