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Join your Facebook friends and millions of players around the world in attacks, spins and raids to build your viking village to the top!
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The Play store is filled with enormous coin collecting games as they are very famous among people nowadays. Innovative and exceptional games are being introduced in the market everyday. One of such games is the Coin Master. It has become very popular among this generation as it has certain features that keep a person engaged and interested with the increase in excitement level as the person reaches different levels.

Coin Master was released by Moon Actives for IOS and Android Systems. The main perspective in this game is the collection of coins in the form of luck. If you are the one who was brought up watching pirates based cartoons then definitely it’s going to be your favourite. Basically, in this game your character is a pirate who has to steal other people’s gold coins to build your own city or building.

Being a pirate you will lead an army of pirates that will attack the village of the rivals and collect coins to build their own country yard. While playing this game you will receive exciting gifts and will go through certain circumstances that will keep yourself engaged and curious about the next day.

What is Coin Master APK?

This is a coin collecting game that involves the characters of pirates. The main perspective is to build the village. This can be done by collecting coins through spins or by attacking and snatching the resources of the rival pirates. As a village is built the player is upgraded to the next level. As a pirate you also have to defend your village through different defence systems. There are also different types of pets that give you different advantages or help you in the process of building your own village. But in order to get the most of them you have to keep them alive with the help of treats.

What is Coin Master Mod APK?

This version of the game allows you to get an unlimited amount of spins which is usually 120 per day. You can also get various resources and coins in this version and reach exciting and thrilling levels. You also get multiple treats to upgrade your pets and get the most of them.


The main objective of the Coin Master is to build the village. There are more than 400 themes of the village named differently. To build a village a player should have five items that include pets, characters, huts, vehicles and items for the environment. As you proceed in the game, the villages appear to be more expensive than the previous one.


Spins are necessary for progress. Almost 120 free spins are provided each day. Although you can get extra spins via gifts or buy them using coins. Moreover, events are organised in which you can achieve a number of spins. If you run out of spins, your friend can send you one spin per day and you can also do the same. Spins provides you with coins which you can use to build your village.


Events are organised in the game which last for about 3 to 5 days. Events help you to win extra coins and spins.


There are a total of three pets that are tiger, foxy and rhino. All three of them have different characteristics from one another which are described next

Tiger: it gives you the attacking advantage. When you attack with the aid of a tiger you get extra coins. You can get the most of this pet in the Attacking Madness event.

Foxy: foxy helps in raids. It allows you to have the most of the fortune that you have raided.

Rhino: this pet helps in defending your village. It acts as a shield and prevents the items of the village from getting damaged.


It’s up to you whom you target to attack. You can choose a known person or a complete stranger. The victim often has shields to protect them. If the person you attack has a shield then you will get extra points or if they don’t have a shield there would be a reduction in the reward.

Graphics and Music

People are always attracted to conscientious graphics and diligent characters as well as the pleasant sounds. The popularity of this game shows that it has also reached top levels in this feature as well.

Unlimited Spins

In the MOD version there will be an unlimited amount of spins which will help you to get as many coins as you want and you will be able to destroy and rob the rival village frequently.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money would be available to you which will allow you to buy items for your village.

Unlocked Characters

In this version all the characters are unlocked and you do not have to spend your money to unlock a character. You can make use of these characters as much as you want.


Being available on both Android and IOS platforms, the game has exceptional popularity and has millions of downloads. The soothing sounds and visuals are also an exciting feature for game lovers. Being available with various features and level ups, it’s grabbing more and more popularity day by day. The fascinating characters and eye-catching visuals this game is an absolute amusement for every age group. You can also play with your friends by inviting them. The presence of pets is a very cute feature which is loved mostly by childrens. It doesn’t have any negative reviews and is suitable for every age group.


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