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We all fantasize about the zombie apocalypse since the advent of such movies and games. The thrill and suspense of survival and fighting against those rotting creatures. It is invigorating as well as horrifying and we think that Dead Target encapsulates this feeling in the best way.

Dead Target introduces an interesting premise, it’s the year 2040 and humankind was thrown into war and nuclear weapons but when people resorted to bioweapons things started to go downhill. Everyone got infected and turned into the living dead whereas you are among the people who managed to survive.

So now what do you do? Well it’s entirely up to you, get eaten by the zombies or shoot them to death. Dead Target gives you a chance to live your fantasy. Choose your weapons and start killing the zombies because your survival depends on it.

What is Dead Target APK?

Dead Target apk is a zombie shooting game which is free to download from your app stores. This game has many interesting and noteworthy features that will make you try it out. Dead Target is one of the few games that can be played entirely without an internet connection. So now you don’t have to chase after a wifi connection at all times to play.

The gameplay is simple, you don’t have to manage complex controls but just have to kill the zombies with modern and easy to use controls. Don’t think the gameplay is simple so the game must be boring because it holds a number of locations and levels to keep you hooked. You can choose your weapon from a large collection and so much more. Keep reading to see the features in detail.

What is Dead Target Mod APK?

Dead Target mod apk is the modified version of the standard version of the game as described above. The mod version of this game has many exclusive features to offer that are going to make the game even more enjoyable. You can get your hands on premium content such as guns that can only be gained through in-app purchases in the original version.

Be free of the ads that keep popping out of nowhere to disturb you. With the mod version you optimize your enjoyment. Get access to unlimited money by downloading this version and so many other interesting additions.

Battle with Zombies

This is a war against zombies and you have to kill them if you want to survive. The gameplay for Dead Target is very simplistic, no complex weapon mechanisms. You will be given an automatic gun and you just have to shoot zombies. You can also enter into combat with zombies by using the modern controls provided by the game. Don’t worry about any complexities and keep on shooting.

Many Levels

The game is brimming with levels that it will be hard for you to count. As you make progress and climb up the levels the difficulty level also increases. So challenge yourself with these levels and see how far you can go.


There is a leaderboard as well in this game. This leaderboard preserves your scores and enables you to compare your scores. By looking at it you can see how far you have come and strive to surpass your latest highscore. Every day you become a better version of yourself.

Multiple Locations

The game will provide you with a number of locations so you don’t feel that everything is getting repetitive. You can choose the location you think is the best for you and start shooting those creepy zombies.

Variety of Guns

Dead Target has a huge collection of guns. You have to kill zombies and win these weapons. Purchase cool weapons with unique properties and shoot the zombies in a new and exciting way.

Offline Gaming

You only need wifi for downloading Dead Target, but when it comes to playing the game, there is no need for any internet connection! You can play nonstop and don’t have to worry about being close to an internet connection. Enjoy the game everywhere you go.

Cool Graphics

Although the game is offline, this does not compromise the quality of the game. Dead Target has cool 3D graphics that make the game more engaging. Shoot the 3D zombies with your 3D gun and enjoy the battle view.

No Ads

Games and ads don’t make a very pleasant combination. Want to get rid of those highly annoying instances when an ad pops up everytime you complete a level. You need not worry now because with the mod version of this game you can steer clear of any ads.

Unlimited Money

Dead Target mod apk gives you unlimited access to money, now you don’t have to lie in wait to purchase different survival items. Keep on fighting those deadly creatures now that the Dead Target mod version has your back.

Premium Features Unlocked

All the premium features are unlocked in Dead Target mod apk, free for you to use. Now you don’t have to make any in app purchases to get all the premium content.


It’s the zombie Apocalypse we all have been secretly fantasizing about. The thrill of fighting against them and the struggle for survival, everything you imagined is packed inside Dead target with cool and scary 3D graphics. There is a wide variety of guns with unique specifications, choose the one you find best and clear all the challenges. You don’t need any internet connection to go on this crazy zombie journey, you can shoot them wherever you are. Click the download button above to get your Dead Target mod apk. We will look forward to your remarks about the game in the comment section below.


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