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Are you looking for an action and thriller game? If yes, then you are in the right place because we are going to share a great game with you in which you have to face deadliest zombies. The name of that game is Dead Trigger 2 which is very popular on the internet right now because millions of people are playing this game to kill their boredom. This game has a great storyline which will never let you bore.

Dead trigger 2 game has so many positive reviews and ratings on the internet that’s why it is an award winning action game. This game is a first person shooting game which means it has so much fun for you. In this game you are the main player and your town is under attack by the deadliest zombies so this is your responsibility to kill them before they infect everyone with the virus.

You can also take the help of other players to complete your tasks and missions. Dead trigger 2 games have very good optimization which is why it runs very smoothly but make sure to play this game on a good updated smart device to get an awesome gaming experience. You will never face lag issues while playing this game on your smart device. Developers of Dead Trigger 2 games often send updates to clean the bugs from this game and they also add more content like tournaments.

What is Dead Trigger 2 APK?

In this paragraph you will know about the standard version of dead trigger 2 game. This game is launched by madfinger games developers on the internet in standard version which is totally free to download. You can download and install this game for free because it is free to download.

In this version you will get many free features and items which you can use without any restriction but there are also some paid features and items which you have to purchase in order to use. This standard version of dead trigger 2 contains ads so you will face popups and video ads while playing it.

What is Dead Trigger 2 Mod APK?

Dead trigger 2 game also comes in the mod version which is very unique because it gives you unique features which the standard version doesn’t offer for free. In this version you don’t have to wait for any round or level because the complete game will be unlocked so you can enjoy any stage or level you want in this version.

You also don’t have to purchase anything in this version because all weapons and suites will be available for free so you can use everything free of cost. Mod version of dead trigger 2 has no ads in it which means you will never get interrupted by popups and video ads. 

3d Detailed Graphics

Dead trigger 2 game has very detailed graphics which gives a realistic view while playing. This game comes in 3D graphics which are very high in resolution and colors are also very bright which makes this game more entertaining and enjoyable.

Dead trigger 2 is an awesome game because you see many realistic visual effects in it that gives the user more pleasure. You can also change the settings of graphics according to your requirement to get extreme gaming experience. You will never lose an action moment in this game because of these advanced gaming graphics.

Front Person Shooting

If you are a lover of first person shooting games, then Dead Trigger 2 is for you because it is also an FPS game. This game is fun to play because you will get so much thriller, suspense and action in this game.

In this game you can change your FPS settings like sensitivity according to your choice because there are no restrictions over these options so you are free to use them anytime. Choose your favorite weapon in dead trigger 2 and kill bloodthirsty zombies to save your people. 

Multiple Powerful Weapons

Dead trigger 2 game has more than 70 plus powerful weapons which you can use against deadliest zombies. You will see pistols, AR guns, fire guns, machine guns, bombs and many other dangerous weapons that you can but many of them will be locked which means you have to unlock them.

You need to raise your gaming level in order to unlock new weapons in this game. It has premium weapons too and if you want them then you have to purchase them in order to use them.

Huge Maps And Different Battlefields

In the Dead Trigger 2 game you will see many different locations where you have to go to fight with these zombies. In this game you will see huge maps but they will be locked so you have to play this game sequence wise to unlock new battlefields in this game.

Make sure to play with open eyes and mind because zombies can’t attack you from behind so you have to be very careful while playing in dark locations. Collect all important items which will help you during fights like ammos, first aid kit etc.

Face Deadliest Zombies

Dead trigger 2 is full of zombies and the only way to survive in this game is to kill them before they kill you. There will be many zombies with different powers so while choosing your weapons make sure to choose the best weapons because these weapons will help you to kill zombies. Your whole town is getting infected by these deadliest zombies and you have to protect your people by killing them otherwise your game will be over.

Easy To Play

This action game is easy to play because it is a first person shooting game so you will never face any kind of difficulty because everything will be available on screen. Controls of dead trigger 2 games are also very simple which you can set on screen according to your gameplay which is surely a great feature.

There are no complications in this game because with little practice you can become a really good player of this game. Adjust everything according to your choice and play like a pro in this game. 

Unlimited Money

In Dead Trigger 2, money matters a lot because it helps you to buy new weapons and ammos but for these things you need a good amount of money. But in the mod version you don’t need to make an effort to earn money because everything in this version will be free to use.

Mod version gives their users unlimited money in the Dead Trigger 2 game which they can easily use to get new weapons and other useful supplies. Unlimited money will be free and it will never run out so you are completely free to use it on anything in this game.

All Weapons

In the standard version of the Dead Trigger 2 game you have to purchase or you have to unlock new weapons which takes time. That’s why the modified version is giving their users all weapons of the Dead Trigger 2 game for free and everything will be available for free which means you don’t have to pay for anything in this version.

You can use all your favorite weapons without any wait or restrictions only in the mod version. So If you also want a complete range of weapons in the Dead Trigger 2 game for free then get this game in mod version.

No Ads

Basic version of Dead Trigger 2 game contains ads and if you want to remove ads then you have to pay them to get this premium version. In the mod version of this game you will never see any popup or video ad because this version has no ads. While playing this game in mod version you will never get disturbed by ads because it doesn’t contain ads. So you can play dead trigger 2 games with full focus without any interruption.

Fully Unlocked Features

In the standard version of this game you have to unlock everything step by step and sometimes it becomes irritating but now you don’t need to be worried about anything. Mod version of this game is giving you dead trigger 2 games completely unlocked.

It means you can play any level or you can use any weapon you want because everything will be fully unlocked in this version. While having this game in the mod version you don’t have to wait for anything so you can enjoy the whole game. That’s why people always look for the mod version in Dead Trigger 2.

Free to Download

This game is available on our website for free downloading. So what are you waiting for? Get this game now and enjoy it because it is totally free.


  • First person shooting game
  • 3D high resolution graphics
  • Huge maps and different locations
  • More than 70 plus powerful weapons
  • Face the bloodthirsty zombies
  • Great storyline
  • Fully optimized game
  • Awesome user interface
  • Easy controls
  • Play offline


  • Standard version contains ads


Dead trigger 2 is a complete action-packed game because it has amazing features which you will never get in other games for sure. This game gives their player nonstop action that’s why millions of people are enjoying it because it helps you to kill your boredom. This game is highly recommended on the internet by their players.

If you also have courage to face zombies, then download dead trigger 2 from our website. Play this game and save your people from zombies. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with other players in the comment box about this game.



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