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Welcome to Emergency HQ, your go-to firefighter and rescue simulation game that's as thrilling as it is strategic! This action-packed firefighter game lets you dive into the world of emergency response, where reliability and effectiveness are key to restoring order and having a blast while doing so!
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Jan 4, 2018
Feb 14, 2024
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There are many simulation games with different types of features and people love to play these games because they are just so incredible and fabulous.

Emergency Hq Mod Apk is an exclusive game for the people who are interested in playing distinctive game. You have to make sure that your staff is properly upgraded and your vehicles are also up to date. So make sure that you effectively utilize your staff and the vehicles so that you can increase your business and expand it properly. You have to earn a good amount of rewards so that you can get enough money for upgrading your stuff and also for customizing your headquarters building.

Emergency Hq Mod Apk has lots of exciting features which you can find enjoy while playing this game this is a game which is full of interesting activities that you might have never experienced before.

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In Emergency Hq Apk you can play this game where you have to manage an organization where there are so many emergency units available you can effectively use and make your territory safe. You can also upgrade it so that the facilities can be improved and the people can be offered better things instead of the ordinary and regular.

Download Emergency Hq Mod Apk

Emergency Hq Mod Apk has a brilliant more version which provides many premium facilities and features to the users so that they can enjoy playing the game with even better features and their satisfaction level can be made higher.


Build Your Emergency Headquarter and Save Your Territory

You can build your emergency headquarters in this game play because it is a great opportunity for you if you want to experience how it feels to run an emergency organization. You have a responsibility for your territory and it means that you need to make sure that everything is safe and they are provided with good services.

Build Various Emergency Units of Police, Rescue and Hospital

You can build various emergency units and in this way you can actually expand your institution. You have to build a police station that can help stop the crime. You also need to build the rescue operations which include the fire extinguisher and the bomb disposal staff. You also need to make hospitals and get the paramedical staff so that you can provide good treatment to the people who are living in your territory. It all depends upon how much expanded your emergency units are.

Control Your Staff and Upgrade Staff and Vehicles

You can control your staff and can upgrade it in any way you want. You have to hire lots of paramedical staff. You need to hire the police officers that can actually take care of your city. You have to hire the fire extinguisher and bomb disposal squad so that they can actually help you. Your staff should be good enough so that they can actually help you in defending the city.

Play Lots of Levels and Missions in Game

You have to play lots of levels and missions in the game because if you do not play the missions and challenges, you cannot gather lots of money which is needed for upgrading your unit. You have to make sure that you complete all the levels and also complete the missions. You can also earn lots of money and rewards by completing all the levels.

Customize and Upgrade Your Headquarter

You have to customize and upgrade your headquarter because in this game it is very necessary that you properly upgrade and customize your headquarter. Your headquarter should look splendid and stunning and you have to make sure that it is having all the facilities that are needed.

Get Help from Alliances in Difficult Missions

You can get help from alliances because some of the missions are very difficult and it is not possible to play them alone. So you can actually take help from your friends that can accompany you in these missions so that you can complete the missions and the levels.

Get Limitless Tools and Money

The fantastic modified version provides you with lots of limitless tools and money that you can use. It is just in your hand how you make good use of the money and use all the tools with perfection because they will be given to you for free.


Emergency Hq Mod Apk is a nice game in which you can have so much fun while handling different types of emergency units. You can actually experience how it feels being a paramedical officer or a police officer because you have to act accordingly and save humanity for the good of mankind.


What's new

February 2024 content update

New missions for Police Dogs and NBC Firefighters!

New decorations:
- Do heroic deeds get your heart racing? Add a romantic touch to your base this Valentine’s Day with the Heart Arch!
- New year, new luck! The Golden Dragon adds a special touch to your base this Chinese New Year.

We wish all of our players lots of fun and best wishes for the Year of the Dragon!

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