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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is the open world car simulator since 2014, thanks to its advanced real physics engine
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Jul 15, 2014
Feb 13, 2024
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a great driving simulation game on android. Drive cars with realistic driving mechanism. This game perfectly implements the physics and quality of destruction. Graphics are highly optimized and everything is perfectly made in game. You can even see the destruction and damage details on car. Unlock sports car and drive carefully.

Drive in big cities and discover new locations. Visual effects and detailing of the game maintain the interest of player in game. It has online mode where you can compete with other players around the world and can show them your skills. There are so many sports cars available in game with highly detailed quality. Drift and burnout to earn more rewards in game. It has mini game checkpoint mode where you can play different games at checkpoints.

Drive with traffic and improve your drifting and driving skills. It has full real HUD feature including revs, gear and speed. Car interior seems realistic and perfect. This simulator has ABS feature where you do not have to press brake button. It has TC and ESP simulation which you can turn off according to your need. You can explore a detailed open world environment. Change camera angles to enjoy every view in the game.

You can drive freely and challenge other player around the globe. Realistic car damage details when you crash the car. This simulation game implements perfect physics. It has simple control including steering wheel, accelerometer, indicators and several cameras etc. Simulator is greatly optimized for great performance. Visuals and sound effects look realistic in the game. Explore new locations and roam in an open-world environment. Drive in traffic and avoid crashing your car. Complete daily tasks and challenges to unlock more awesome cars in game.

Awesome Gameplay

You are a driver in this game and you can drive awesome cars with realistic mechanism. You can drive and go anywhere in game. You can drift and burnout on roads. The interface is similar to other driving simulation games but it is more smooth and optimized. You can control your car easily with easy control setup. You can explore new locations while driving your favorite sports car. Drive in traffic and improve your skills instead of just racing. Drive with manners and earn more points in game. 

Unique Supercars

This simulator has some unique and most popular supercars which you can unlock and drive. Drive your favorite supercar in game and show your skills to your friends. There are so many supercars available of different brands. This game also supports multi-view feature in which you can view from different angles while driving. You can even customize your car a bit. Change the color of your car and make it look unique from others.

Ultra-realistic Graphics

Yes, this game truly has realistic graphics with highly detailed texture quality. It has eye-catching details and quality. Graphics are perfectly optimized even that you can see the damaged detail on every car. You can easily play this game on a mid-range device smoothly. Visual effects and other graphic effects make the game ultra-realistic and awesome. Each car sounds great and original. You can hear the sound of engine explosion and the sound of tires while drifting and burnout.

Unlimited Resources

This is a mod version of game where you will get unlimited resources without even paying a single penny. Everything is fully unlocked in game. You just have to install the game and select your favorite car for drive. Your money will increase as you spend it. You can buy anything in game such as cars, paints and other in-game items for free. Avail these unlimited resources even in offline mode.

Different Game Modes

There are some unique game modes available in this simulator. In free mode, you can explore the whole map easily. You can drive freely and explore new locations. In checkpoint mode, you can race with other players. You can race with your own standard opponents for fair gameplay. In traffic mode, you can drive supercar in traffic but you will be needed to follow the traffic rules and traffic system carefully. Avoid cops if you break any rule otherwise you will be fined.

Simple Controls

To make the game more interesting, developers made the control easy but hard to master. Indeed, control setup is very easy but you will need to practice enough to master the controls. You can even customize the control setup to adjust the buttons according to your need. You can switch to different steering styles. Customize the controls easily and apply new controls whenever you want. Master the car handling and you will be great driver in game future.

Collect Free Rewards

You can collect free rewards on being active on this game. Get valuable rewards and unlock your favorite items in game. You can collect your daily reward every time you get back to this game. Complete missions and challenges to get extra loots and points. Complete daily tasks and challenges to earn more coins. This game is totally free of cost and you need to pay nothing for this. Just collect rewards and boost in-game progress.


Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod is one of the most popular and realistic car driving simulator game on android. Enjoy ultra-realistic graphics and sound effects. Get unlimited resources and buy any supercar you want. Play different game modes to earn more coins in game. Drive in traffic and follow rules to sharpen your driving skills. Download now and start driving your favorite supercar.

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