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GTAV: The Manual is the official manual app for Grand Theft Auto V. Contains over 100 pages covering everything from Game Controls, and Features to a tour through the local neighborhoods and activities across Los Santos and Blaine County - plus a special interactive version of the game map to zoom in and explore.
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Oct 10, 2013
Mar 26, 2021
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GTA V is one of the most popular open world and action games where you can do literally anything. It is an adventure game where you explore a fictional city Los Santos. There are three main characters involved in the game and all of them are criminals. Gameplay and storyline of this game is so intense and interesting that you cannot stop yourself from playing this game.

It has extreme 3D graphics with realistic visual effects and quality. Story of this game is based on different missions which you can complete to unlock more of this game. It has all the control buttons on screen from where you can control your character and use firearms to kill your enemies. You can drive cars and use plenty of weapons for your protection.

Each character has a special ability which you can use while doing missions. Explore a huge city and find secret places in the game. You can go to different planets as well.

What is GTA V APK?

GTA V is a popular action-adventure and open world game where you can drive vehicles and complete missions. Gameplay is so much fun and interesting. It has amazing graphics and sound effects. There are plenty of weapons available which you can buy and use to kill your enemies. Explore a huge world and fly planes, create gangs and do missions together. It has touch controls which make the game more easy and fun to play. This game is totally based on reality where you can talk to people, interact with them, steal cars and rob banks and more.

What is GTA V Mod APK?

GTA V Mod is one of the best ways to get unlimited money in a game. You can buy all the weapons and all luxury mansions in the game where you can save your progress. You can play this game offline without data connection. All ads are fully removed so that you can enjoy clean gameplay. You can use extra protection to increase your health. Get unlimited money in the game and buy anything you want. You can get unlimited ammos for your firearms.

Extreme Graphics

GTA V has 3D extreme graphics with realistic visual effects and animations. This game has an open world feature where you can explore beautiful locations, find treasures and more. Buildings are designed so realistically that you can visit those buildings and explore the interior. Game elements are designed in the highest quality possible. Graphics are fully optimised for low-end devices so that everyone can enjoy the gameplay with highest graphics quality.

Amazing Controls

Controls of this game are super amazing and everything is present on touchscreen. You can see all the control buttons on screen. Controls of this game are fully responsive and optimised. You can use a joystick to control your character and move faster using the sprint button. Use firearms and other items by pressing the fire buttons. Swipe over the screen to move the camera direction smoothly. This game allows you to easily customise the layout of controls according to your need.

Deadly Weapons

GTA V is an action and adventure game where you can play however you want. There is no limit or any kind of restriction. You can create gangs and fight against other people in the game. Go through your skills and sharpen your firing and shooting abilities. There are plenty of deadly weapons available to use such as rifles, snipers, bazooka, flamethrower, pistols, assault rifles and even more. You can buy these weapons from an armour shop or you can kill other gang’s members to steal theirs.

Intense Gameplay

Gameplay is so amazing that you can do anything from doing missions to driving cars and flying planes. Story of this game is so amazing and you can reveal the story by completing missions and different tasks. There are hundreds of interesting and amazing missions available which you can complete to unlock more locations and opportunities in game. You can steal cars and drive through the streets.

Three Characters

GTA V has a story where three characters are involved with different attributes. First you will play as Franklin in the game. There are different missions assigned to these three characters. You can switch characters as you wish and play the game to complete missions. You can explore various hideouts and fly planes. Explore space stations and do whatever you want in the game.

Free and Safe

It is an absolutely free and safe game and you can get it from our site without paying anything. Get the complete version of the game and install it on your device. It is a bit larger in size due to heavy game content. This game is fully secured and scanned from all the viruses which means that you can easily install it without any fear of getting viruses.

Unlimited Money

GTA V Mod is the modified version to give unlimited money for free. You can avail unlimited money in the game to buy anything you want. Visit and buy any place or mansion in the game where you can save your progress. Get unlimited health that you are almost invincible. Fight against other gangs and kill them to conquer the city. You can visit arsenal stores to buy your favourite guns without any problem.

Unlimited Ammos

If you want to do missions, then you need weapons and ammos because you can only complete missions if you have guns and weapons for your protection. Get unlimited ammos of every gun you have in game and use as much as you want. You will have extra health in this mod version so that you can kill your enemies more easily.


GTA V is an amazing open world action and adventure game where you can explore huge maps and do anything such as driving a vehicle, flying planes, completing missions and interacting with other characters. It has amazing graphics with stunning visual effects and reflections. Sound effects of this game are so amazing and realistic. Use weapons to kill your enemies and complete various missions. Get unlimited money in the game to buy anything you want without any problem. There is a comment section below which you can use to write down your reviews about this game.

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