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In a world overrun with the Dead, you have survived… but for how long?
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Mar 27, 2013
Jun 6, 2023
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We all have been fans of Survivor movies since our childhood. There are many concepts based on the survivor movie but one of the most anticipated concepts of the survival genre is the zombie concept. All of us are familiar with these creatures. We know that they are bloodthirsty and just want to kill us to quench their thirst and after their one bite or scratch we will also convert into those mindless creatures.

There are also many games based on this concept, one of such games is Into the Dead app. In this app you will have to fight with these flesh eating creatures. This game was developed by PIKPOK. This game has a very interesting storyline in which you will be playing the role of a character who will face a horrific plane crash and after that will find himself in a devastated area which is surrounded by Zombies.

In this game you are not the one who will be scared and Run from these zombies for the sake of their life, but you will be the one who will fight the Zombies with the help of different weapons like knives, guns, chainsaws etc. This game has many amazing features to keep you indulged in its gameplay. If you want to explore more of them then do read this review.

What is Into the Dead APK?

Into the dead is a survival action game in which you will have to survive as well as fight the Zombies for the sake of your life. You can make use of certain weapons to kill these zombies and also use different tactics to slide yourself through the biggest swarms of Zombies. This game has many exciting levels with escalating difficulties. Moreover, you will also travel to different places each having different kinds of zombies chasing you.

What is Into the Dead Mod APK?

Into the dead Mod APK is the modified version of the Into the Dead game. In this version you will be provided with unlimited gold with the help of which you can buy certain amazing weapons and also upgrade the available weapons. Moreover, this version is also made ads free for your convenience and interruption free experience.

Intense Fights

In this game you will have to do whatever it takes for you to survive. You will be indulged in many fierce battles with Zombies. In this game, you will have to make a way out from the intense swarms of Zombies. For this purpose you can make use of many brutal weapons and you will also have to be alert to avoid the attacks. You will have to be quick and accurate in order to kill the Zombies.

Addictive Gameplay

Into the dead provide you with a very intelligent and addictive gameplay. However it has a very straightforward gameplay but you will still find yourself enjoying the different addictive elements. For example you will  discover the massive world of zombies as you travel to different locations. You will have to complete certain tasks and unwell certain stories in order to make progress in this game. However, this game offers a very user-friendly interface that makes it very accessible to the users.

Collect Weapons

As it is an action game in which you will have to fight the Zombies. Hence you will also need different kinds of weapons to kill them. In this game you will have to collect and choose between different types of weapons that will help you to kill these Zombies. Make sure that you select the most brutal and nasty weapons that will kill the zombies in one stroke.

Missions and Challenges

This is not a usual survivor game. In this game you will also have to complete certain missions and challenges. For example you will have to investigate the Zombies and collect Clues about the hidden secrets. There are more than hundreds of different missions and challenges available for you. If you win these missions and challenges, you will get a chance to collect different kinds of weapons and will also get many rewards in return.

Multiplayer Mode

There is also the online multiplayer mode available in this game. In this mode you can compete with different Zombie runners all around the world. You can collect many exciting prizes in these competitions. You can compete with your friends and strangers as well.

Unlimited Gold

In this modified version of Into the Dead game you will have access to unlimited gold with the help of which you can buy Several different weapons that will help you to fight the nasty Zombies. You will also have access to all the in app purchases for free. Moreover this version also does not support the unwanted ads. Hence, you will have an ads free environment while playing this game.


If you are a fan of the Zombie movies then you should definitely download Into the Dead Mod APK from our website. Download into the Dead Mod APK now and use your different tactics to fight and Dodge all the Zombies and fight your way back to a safe place. This game has received many positive reviews from its players. If you want to explore more about Into the dead Mod APK, then feel free to write your queries in the comment section down below.

What's new

New in this version:

Bug fixes and performance improvements

New in previous versions:

○ Clearer explanation of why permissions are required when game starts

○ New LANGUAGES Supported: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin American Spanish, Russian


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