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Return to Isla Nublar with the creators of the smash hit Jurassic Park™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: The Game, the official mobile game based on this summer’s epic action-adventure. Bring to life more than 300 colossal dinosaurs from the new film and challenge your opponents in earth-shaking battles. Construct the theme park of tomorrow in this unrivaled build-and-battle dinosaur experience.
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As we know, most people are interested in the history of the dinosaurs. But it is a mystery which is never resolved. And most people say they are just fictional characters. But still the history of dinosaurs is a great resource for everyone to pay attention. Most people like dinosaur movies and games.

There are also many parks and places where they have dummy dinosaurs for the children and for the people who have interest in them. Dinosaurs are a great topic for scientists, archeologists and world history researchers. Because dinosaurs are brutal and the oldest animals in the world.  Jurassic World is a game developed by Ludia Inc-. It became one of the most downloaded games with over 50 million downloads. By these numbers you can know the popularity of this game. People have very nice reviews for this game.

The developers of this game mostly develop games related to dinosaurs. And Jurassic World is one of the best of them. There are lots of fictional dinosaur characters in it with special abilities. This game is an achievement for the developers for their efforts they put into this game. You can play with giant historical dinosaurs in it. People are crazy about this game because of its graphics and optimizations. If you are looking for a great dinosaur game then you surely have to try Jurassic world.

What is Jurassic World the APK?

Jurassic world is a game in which you can play with giant historical dinosaurs. When you start the game you have an option to choose one dinosaur. There are more than 150 species of the dinosaurs from which you have to choose. After choosing your dinosaur you have to build your own dino park. There are a number of dinosaurs and you have to build a dinosaur park for their living.

After this you have to upgrade your dinosaurs for their battle with ancient jurassic animals. After upgrading you have to create an arena team of the dinosaurs for their fight. You have to create your park in a way that helps in your dinosaur development and make them more effective. Different species of dinosaurs have their different abilities and they can be really helpful in fights.

What Is Jurassic World the Game Mod APK?

As we know Jurassic world original version Is a time taking version and a bit tough to upgrade dinosaurs in the start. By keeping this all points we provided you the modded version of this game in which there are many useful features. For upgrading different dinosaurs you need food and have to build a nice dino park. But for building a dinosaur park you need coins for purchasing from the shop. For upgrading dinosaurs you also need food which you purchase from the shop. It is a time taking process to collect coins and upgrade your park and dinosaurs. So in the modded version you have totally free purchases and you become a VIP.

What is S-DNA in Jurassic World the Game?

In Jurrassic world the game DNA are used to form different types of Dinosaurs. There are also types in DNA from which S-DNA is the one. This type of DNA is used to make super hybrids dinosaurs. There are lots of ways to obtain the S-DNA. You can obtain them by purchasing various card packs and by completing daily missions. You can also get them by winning the battles in arena against the different types of dinosaurs. VIP’s can also collect from the VIP S-DNA production site. There is also a code 19 event in the game that can also give you some S-DNA.

What is the use of prestige in Jurassic world?

Well to make your dinosaurs more powerful and effective you upgrade them. But prestige is the new mechanic in the game that will give you many advantages. By using this your dinosaurs Bose’s becomes even more powerful than they are. It allows your boses dinosaurs to learn more skills and variety of attacks that are more effective from the normal ones. It increases the power and the skills of your dinosaurs that gives you advantage over the others.


Build your own dinosaurs park

Well you can build your own dinasaurs park. And it is the one of the most important feature of this game as without this park you can not develop and upgrade your dinasours. Your dinosaurs need this park for their living and skills development. To get more and powerful dinosaurs this park helps you to hatch your dinosaurs eggs which is one of the most important part of the game.

Uprade your dinosaurs

Upgrading dinosaurs is also an important part of the game. When you build your dinosaurs park you need your dinosaurs to be enough powerful to protect It. There many other species of dinosaurs who wants to attack you and to take a fight them you need to upgrade your dinosaurs. You can upgrade your dinosaurs faster by buying the food from the shop.

You can create your arena team

So for the fight against the powerful species of the dinosaurs to protect your park. You need to upgrade your best dinosaurs and have to form a team of powerful dinosaurs to defend yourself. You can hatch more eggs to get powerful dinosaurs and by upgrading them you can make your team more powerful.


You can experience multiplayer in the jurassic world when you forms your arena team. You can meet others during the battle. This feature will enhance your gaming experience and can make it more enjoyable.

Mod Features

Unlimited purchases

Original version of the game is restricted and you have to collect coins by playing for a very long time. But our moded version provides you unlimited purchases. You can purchase anything you want and need for the upgrade for your park and the dinosaurs. You can get DNA’s and can purchase the card packs to get more and powerful dinosaurs.

You will become VIP

By installing our Jurassic World game mod apk you became a VIP in the game. Which gives you more and greater benefits in the game. You can purchase DNA’s to get the rare species of dinosaurs.


Jurassic world is a game based on the giant dinosaurs. You can play with many kind of species of dinosaurs in it. The game is very enjoyable because of its graphics and features. People who are crazy about the history of the dinosaurs love to play and experience this game. In Jurassic world you can also meet with others while battling in arena when you forms a team. Developers of the game produce this game with lots of efforts. This game is a achievement for them. By upgrading your dinosaurs you can make your team more strong.


Q. Who is the rarest creature in jurrasic world the game?

The rarest creature in the Jurassic World game is Zhejiangopterus.

Q. Which level is the max in jurrasic world the game?

The max level in the Jurassic world game is level 40.


What's new

- Visit the Collector's Exchange for exciting offers. Complete time limited exchanges to collect hard to find creatures!
- New creatures will be entering the park soon – come back daily for more details.
- Bug fixes and optimizations for a smoother experience.

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