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Rope Hero: Vice Town - The Ultimate 3D Superhero Roleplaying Adventure
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Jul 14, 2016
Feb 6, 2024
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Rope Hero Vice Town is an amazing action and adventure game on android platform. It has millions of reviews around the world and lots of people love to play this game. It has a unique storyline and gameplay. You are a superhero in the game whose power is Rope. Save the world with rope because you have some extraordinary powers of rope.

Storyline of the game is so interesting. It has 3D dynamic graphics with open world experience. Roam around the city using the robe just like Spiderman and find the criminals to punish them. Controls of the game are so simple and intuitive. Easily customise some settings in the game according to your requirements. There are lots of amazing missions available which leads to story completion. Complete missions to reveal the story behind this game. It is highly secured and completely free to play games. Upgrade your character as you progress in the game.

What is Rope Hero Vice Town APK?

Rope Hero Vice Town is an amazing adventure game where you play as a superhero with a unique power. Rope is the weapon of your superhero in such a way that you can use it to fight against criminals and you can also fly around the city using the rope. It has amazing 3D graphics with realistic effects and sounds. You can complete missions to progress in the game. Unlock upgrading options and pump your character to become the most powerful superhero in the game. It has simple controls and you can get this game for free.

What is Rope Hero Vice Town Mod APK?

Rope Hero Vice Town Mod is the hacked version which comes with unlimited money and resources in game for free. Enjoy unlocked content and VIP features for free without any problem. You can easily upgrade your character and increase its power and strength. Visit an in-game store and buy anything you want without spending any real money. Whole map is unlocked and you can visit all the places. Play this game without viewing annoying ads. All types of ads are completely disabled and premium features are fully unlocked for free.

Advance Gameplay

Rope Hero Vice Town is loaded with lots of amazing features and advanced gameplay. You can roam in the open world or you can complete various missions to complete the story of this game. Hand to hand combat and fighting against enemies and criminals. Save your town and become popular among people. You can use lots of different melee weapons to defeat your enemies and their bosses. It has an amazing interface where you can see maps and control buttons on touch screens. Gameplay is so much interesting and fun.

Save Your City

Since you are a superhero in the game, it’s your duty to free the city from crime and kill all of your enemies. There are so many criminals in the city who are against you and are spreading in gangs. You have to be more careful and alert because they will try to kill you and you need to be more powerful to kill them. Find out the locations and hideouts where these gangs are hiding and kill them to save your people. Reduce the crime ratio and become popular in your city.

Use Superpower

You are a superhero in the game and superheroes always have superpowers. You also have a superpower in the game and your power is Rope. You can use rope to do lots of things such as fly using the rope and tie your enemies to kill them. Upgrade your superpower to increase its damage. You can also unlock more superpowers as you progress in the game. Use mega jumps to cover miles within a second and chase your enemies easily. Boost your powers by upgrading them and making them more powerful.

Weapons with Powers

Rope Hero is a superhero of the town with lots of amazing superpowers. There are some amazing weapons available which also have powers to use against enemies. Have some rifles, assaults, snipers, shotguns and bazookas to make fun of your enemies and kill them in a funny way. You can pick up any weapon and use it for more fun. This game features a wide range of sci-fi weapons. It has a freeze gun as well which you can use to freeze your enemy and kill them easily. Use a flamethrower to burn down your enemies easily.

Roam in Open World

It is a great feature of this game that you can roam in the Open World. There are lots of fun vehicles to drive and roam in the city. You can use a hoverboard to visit the streets of your town. There are lots of vehicles which you can drive such as cars, cycles and buses etc. Drive SUVs and roam in full luxury style or you can use epic tanks to destroy the streets for fun. Explore locations to discover helicopters to fly. There are lots of gadgets to use and you can also upgrade those gadgets.

Play Free and Offline

Rope Hero Vice Town is completely a free to play game and the best thing is that you can play it anywhere and anytime without data connection. Play it offline and complete missions anytime without any problem. Find unique places in your town and get treasure. It is a highly secured game and you can easily install it on your device.

Unlimited Money

With this mod version of the game you will get unlimited money to buy anything for free of cost. There is no need to pay for anything and all items are completely unlocked and available for free use. You can easily upgrade your character and your superpowers to become more powerful. All weapons are free to use in this mod version of the game.

Free Upgrades

Rope Hero Vice Town Mod is the best way to get unlimited resources for free of cost. You can easily upgrade your character and weapons to max level without waiting and progressing in game. There are no annoying ads in this game and you can easily play it offline. Explore the city and find hidden treasures to get yourself some gold and money.


Rope Hero Vice Town is a popular action and superhero game where you can save your city from crime. It has amazing 3D dynamic graphics and amazing controls. You can use lots of weapons to kill your enemies. Complete missions and tasks to unveil the story of this game. Get unlimited money in the game and buy whatever you want for free. Upgrade your hero and weapons to boost the stats. Drive fun vehicles and roam around the city.
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