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Nov 19, 2015
Jan 25, 2024
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Ronaldo is standing in front of the free kick … What a goal! The crowd explodes! Can you believe that?

If you are a football fan and love the beautiful goals of the top superstars in the world then you should read this review, because of Score! Hero (MOD Unlimited Money) is a game you can not miss. The publisher of this game is First Touch Games, a UK-based game development studio and publisher specializing in sports games. Besides this game, they have produced a lot of very interesting football games on many different platforms, typical is Score! Match.

Special moments

We have seen special moments in football such as Ibrahimovic’s bicycle upside down shots, Messi technique or Roberto Carlos’s long-range shot. In Score! Hero, you will be mastering those moments by controlling the player to launch the pass or shot decision, bringing the team to victory. If you think this game is similar to Football Manager or PES then you are wrong. You don’t have to control all 11 players on the pitch, just control certain players, create beautiful combinations or super goals.

Like a chess board is arranged, your task is to draw a balloon’s orbit (by swiping the phone screen) to pass to your teammates or kick the ball into the enemy goal. The ball will fly along the trail you draw, and as a result, you will see the enemy goalkeeper into the net to pick up the ball. If the ball falls into the opponent’s foot or is blocked by the goalkeeper, you will lose.

Currently, Score! Hero has over 580 levels for players, each level is challenging from easy to hard. Your achievements are represented in the form of stars. You have to gain at least one star in order to level up. Of course, the goal of every player playing this game is to complete all levels with three stars. Although this is a football game, I find it more like a puzzle game because each level is a puzzle for you to solve. Launch an assist or directly score with a beautiful curve, it all depends on your creativity.

High-quality 3D graphics

Graphics of Score! Hero is very realistic thanks to 3D technology and careful care of the developer. The movement of players is flexible, smooth, towards the most serious experience for players. You can see beautiful goals by cutting scene and video slow-motion. Like other football games, an indispensable part is a commentator. Though their sentences are not diversified, they still keep up with the situations in the game. The cheers of the audience and the comments of the commentator will bring the maximum feelings for you when playing the game.

Don’t fail too much!

Score! Hero limits the number of times you play each day. On the right-hand corner of the screen, there are five heart icons. After four failures time, you will lose one heart (it turns gray), so in theory, you will fail max to 20 times a day. Each heart takes 15 minutes to heal, but players can use the money to buy more turns.

Upgrade player

Each player is the pride of their country, in the game they are called “a hero”. Score! Hero allows you to buy accessories for players like clothing, shoes, socks, hair… and you can sign with any club you want. However, the players do not have their own statistics, so even Ronaldo or Paul Pogba is like other normal players. You do not see the progress of the players, the only progress is that you yourself overcome the increasingly difficult levels of the game. But do not despise the players, because they rarely miss the assist that you create. A header or a volley shot will transform your pass into a beautiful goal.


Score! Hero is a football game worth playing at any time, especially when World Cup 2018 is very attractive. The game supports both iOS and Android operating systems, allowing you to download absolutely free. Let download this game to your phone and score some beautiful goals!


What's new

Version 3.16
• Bug Fixes

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