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New addicting casual tower defense game with tower defense (TD) and epic heroes (RPG). Gear up and plan your defenses! Build castles from the ground up!
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Jan 30, 2020
Feb 17, 2024
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Wild Castle is a game where you have to find different ways to protect your Castle from the invading enemies. There are different Monsters in this game that will try to attack your Castle and that’s why, you have to build the defensive mechanism to defend your Castle. You have to collect Troops and use them against the Enemies. There are different Troops and all of them have different powers that they can use to defeat the Monsters and you have to decide what kind of troops you want to send in front of the Monsters.

To collect the gold in this game, you can hire workers and they will dig gold and coins from the mine. You can also upgrade your Castle so that the people of the town can participate in the Battles.

What is Wild Castle APK?

In Wild Castle, you have to devise ways to protect your Castle from the Monsters who are trying to destroy it. You can create different defensive mechanisms to protect your Castle and to do this you need money. For this purpose, you can mine in the castle and hire workers to mine gold for you and after that, you can use the gold to create the defencive mechanism for your Castle. You can also use this gold to upgrade your Castle to involve the citizens in the Wars as well.

Best Features of Wild Castle MOD APK

Defend your Castle

In Wild Castle, you have to defend your Castle from the Monsters. There is a whole city inside the castle and you also have your own people that will help you to protect the castle.

Collect Different Troops

There are different Troops in this game and you can collect these troops to use for the defensive mechanism of your Castle. All of these troops have some special abilities and some special weapons that they use against the monster.

Collect Heroes

There are different Hero classes in this game and you can also go for your favourite one to hire it for the protection of your Castle.

Various Monsters to fight with

There are different Monsters in this game that will come to destroy your Castle. All of these monsters have some special abilities that can destroy your defences. You have to be very careful while hiring the heroes.

Mine Gold

To get resources for yourself you can mine gold in the castle and for this purpose, you can hire the workers that will help you to get the gold.

Upgrade your Castle

You can upgrade your Castle with the help of the gold. In this way, the townspeople can also participate in the wars and can fight with the Monsters.

What is the use of Mod of Wild Castle APK?

The Mod version of Wild Castle provides you with unlimited gold and you can even collect Treasure in this Mod version. As you are getting unlimited gold, it means that you can upgrade your castle after several intervals and you can also hire the different heroes in order to protect your castle. This game is also free from restrictions which means you can play any of the modes without a need to unlock them.

New Features in Wild Castle MOD APK

Collect Treasure

In Wild Castle Mod APK you can collect Treasure. This Treasure will really help you to collect different troops and different heroes.

Unlimited Gold

In this Mod version, you are going to have unlimited gold without a need to mine them. With the help of this gold, you can hire the workers and Troops.

Unlocked Modes

This modified version is completely free from restrictions; you do not have to unlock any of the modes to play it.

Blocked ads

In the mod version of Wild Castle, there are no ads; this Mod version will automatically block all the ads that appear on this game.

Why is Wild Castle MOD APK so worth Downloading?

Wild Castle Mod APK is worth the download because in this version, you are going to have unlimited gold which means you can hire any of the heroes that you want and you can also upgrade your Castle. This Mod version also allows you to collect Treasure.


Wild Castle is a game where you can apply different strategies to protect your Castle. There are different Hero classes and you can hire the one for your Castle and to involve your people in the wars, you have to upgrade your Castle. In order to get unlimited gold, you can download Wild Castle Mod APK.


What's new

❤️ The Valentine Event starts after wave 100! Build up a new castle from scratch and unlock the new hero!
🏰 Collect ALL Valentine castle puzzle pieces and equip the Valentine castle in the campaign
⚙️ Bug fixes and performance improvements
📜 New and improved UI

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