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Have you ever imagined how it would feel like trapped in a horror movie? Or what kind of exciting tricks you’ll pull to keep yourself alive? Granny Chapter 2 is your way to find that out. And if you are a horror genre lover you are in for a spooky surprise! Granny Chapter 2 is the sequel version of the original granny game with new and upgraded features. 


Wondering what the upgraded features are? One exciting addition is that of grandpa! Now granny isn’t the only one haunting the house, she has some reliable company. The game has improved upon its visuals as well. Now you wake up in a queer and haunted house with creeking floorboards and two hunters looking for you.

There are many cool and thrilling features of the game that are going to magnetize you to your screens. Want to find out about the features? Then hop on and keep reading! 


What is Granny Chapter 2 APK?

Granny chapter 2 is the upgraded version of the official granny game with so many improved and additional aspects. The game is made even more thrilling with the addition of grandpa and the spookiness has been upped a great deal. This is an ideal game for horror fans around the world. The game has received many positive views and subsequent downloads.

Packed with exciting and thrilling features the game offers an infallibly fearful experience. Sared you a beginner? No problem granny Chapter two is a very simple and unique game and for its users’ ease it also offers the practice mode. So you can take your time getting the hang of it.

What is Granny Chapter 2 Mod APK?

Granny Chapter 2 Mod apk is the modified version of the original or standard version of the game. If you are intrigued by the official version you’ll be thrilled to discover the upgraded experience in store for you in the mod version! It has renewed and upgraded the main menu with a ton of exciting features.

The mod version offers you the improved graphics that are in Hd and adds new sound effects to give its users a more unique experience. And now with this version you don’t need to worry about those annoying ads popping on your screens. It also offers other intriguing features such as the god mode. To find out, jump on to the features section.

Grandma and Grandpa

In Granny chapter 2 granny is not the only one chasing but is accompanied by a grandpa and they make a strong team. Grandpa cannot hear very well but Granny on the other hand has ears sharp as razors. So if you make any sound, be it creaking of the floor or falling off of an object both of them are coming for you!

Scary Visuals

The game introduces very spooky visuals to give the game the feel of a horror movie. Grandpa and Grandma are not the only ones locked inside that house with you. There is also an addition of creepy monsters that are waiting to scare you out of your wits around every corner.

Five levels of difficulty

Granny Chapter 2 apk provides you with five levels of difficulty which you can choose from. If you are a beginner and are scared to play there is also a practice mode in which you can play without grandma and her companion. The rest of the levels include : Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme.

Spooky Audio

To make the experience complete the scary visuals are accompanied by very spooky audio. This completes the whole trapped in a horror movie scene. These creepy sounds make the game more thrilling!

Five day survival

Once you wake up in the house with granny and grandpa there’s no going back. You have to figure out your escape within five days after which granny and grandpa won’t spare your life. The front gate is locked but you can find many tools that can assist you in escaping. There is also an escape route through the sewer.

No Ads

No annoyances of ads anymore! The mod version gives you an uninterrupted experience of the spooky game! Now you can play without being bugged by the ads.

Unlimited Play

In this premium version of Granny chapter 2 there is no threat of exhausting your life as this feature allows anti-ban. You can now play an unlimited number of times without the fear of exhausting the points you have to play.

Escape Monster Attacks

Remember the old couple’s garish little assistants? With the Mod version of this game you can choose to survive all the monster attacks without even trying. Now the monster attacks won’t be there to scare you or give your position away to granny and her significant other.

God Mode

The premium version of this game offers you the option to play in god mode where you can stay alive for more than just five days! In the original version you were given just five days to escape now you can rest assured and find the escape path with ease. No need to rush!

Improved Graphics and Effects

The Mod version also improves upon its graphics, now players get high end graphics and upgraded sound effects. Together they make the experience of the game complete with their spookiness.

Free Download

This game is up for free downloading and to be Honest it is one of those things that people love to have. That’s why you can get this amazing game for free and enjoy every feature of it by playing this game all the time.


Granny Chapter 2 gives its users the unique frightening and suspenseful experience! Just the right game for horror fans. You will find amazing and cool features in the game such as the fitting graphics, the sound effects, the horror of being chased by the old couple, the interesting puzzles, the thrilling struggle to find the escape and so much more. To get your very own experience click the download link below. Leave us with your comments and queries in the comments section below. Run along now grandma and grandpa are on your heels!

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