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Welcome to Granny: Chapter Two.
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Granny Outwitt is one of the most popular horror game on mobile platform. It has amazing gameplay where you are locked in the house of granny and all you need to do is to escape from there. This game is the sequel of its previous version but comes with more amazing graphics and sound effects. The game has three difficulty levels but you can start with the easy one.

Granny house is full of puzzles and riddles which you need to complete without getting caught by granny. Graphics are super great and thrilling sound effects make the game more interesting and horror. Controls are very simple and highly responsive. Stay quiet and solve the riddles in house. Hide at different locations from granny such as under the bed, in closet or you can lock the door as well. This game is completely free to play on all android devices. Escape from creepy granny to save your life.

What is Granny Outwitt Apk?

Granny Outwitt is a famous horror game which you can play alone to get fear and thrill. Gameplay is so thrilling and amazing that you can enjoy each and every second of the game. It has amazing graphics with horror atmosphere. Visual effects and horror sound effects make the game more realistic and thrilling. There are three difficulty levels which you can play for free. The last difficulty level in extreme where no one can survive from wicked granny. This game has simple and easy controls to move your character without any problem.

What is Granny Outwitt Mod Apk?

It is the mod version of the game where you have a mod menu in game to do lots of tweaked actions which are not in original game. You can easily hide from granny in game and complete your puzzles and riddles to escape from the house. You can use different mod features from mod menu and can complete the game in all three difficulty levels. No one can kill you in the game and there will be no restrictions. You can easily complete riddles and dodge granny with mod menu. Use speed hack and reduce gravity.

Better Graphics

Granny Outwitt features better graphics and visual effects compare to the previous version of the game. More intense game atmosphere with thrill sound effects make it more awesome the realistic. Color combination in the game and other elements enhance the game graphics. It has thrilling animations and sound effects. 3D graphics with high detail and quality enhance gameplay experience. Graphics of this game are highly optimized and do not cause lag on low-end android devices.

Thrilling Gameplay

Gameplay is so thrilling and fun because you have to escape from grandmother in the house. You will wake up in abandoned and horror house where no one lives except granny. You have to survive in game or else granny will find you and kill you. There is a way to escape from house but you have to solve riddles and puzzles for that. Keep quiet while solving puzzles because granny can hear you doing something in her house.

Easy Controls

Granny Outwitt features easy and simple controls where you can easily control your character using the joystick on touchscreen. From left side of the screen, you can move your character to explore the house. From right side of the screen, you can perform different functions such as picking up items and hiding at different locations. You can explore settings to make changes according to your need.

Sound Effects

This is a horror and thrilling game and different elements make the game more interesting such as horror and thrilling sounds. Developers added some chilling and thrilling sounds in the game to make it more realistic and cool. You experience a constant music in the background which keep you indulge in a sense of thrill. You can determine the situation by analysing the music and sounds like if you are in danger, then music will be more intense and vice versa.

Free to Play

It is absolutely free to play game. There are three difficulty levels in the game and you can select the difficulty according to your wish. Higher the difficulty, the more you need to be alert and safe from granny. This game is highly secured and does not even ask for unusual permissions. It is a light weight game and does not take large storage.

Puzzles and Riddles

You can only escape from granny’s house if you solve puzzles and riddles. The house is full of puzzles and different riddles which you need to solve or else you will be stuck in the house forever. Keep in mind that you have to stay quiet and hide from evil granny. There are three difficulty levels and you can choose any level to intense your gameplay. In hard difficulty level, puzzles and riddles will be more difficult to solve and you need to be more cautious.

Mod Menu

Granny Outwitt Mod is a version where you will get mod menu. With mod menu, you can easily hide from granny. Enable God mode and solve puzzles without any fear because granny cannot kill you if this mod is enabled. All items are unlocked in the game and you can play it offline as well. You do not need a rooted device in order to use this mod version. It is completely free and secure.

Speed Hack and More

You can use speed hack in this mod version. The speed of your character will be greater than granny and can easily escape from house. You can disable ads using the mod menu. There are lots of amazing mod features available in mod menu. Complete puzzles and find the locations of keys to complete riddles.


Granny Outwitt is one of the most popular thrilling and horror game on android device. It has 3D graphics with scary visual effects and sound effects. There are lots of puzzles available which you need to solve in order to escape from the house. It has simple controls and optimized gameplay. Use mod menu to get lots of amazing perks such as speed hack, no ads and even more.

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